Lent 2010

Lent is the period of 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter when Christians traditionally focus on discipline and penitence. Often Christians observe Lent by giving up or sacrificing a pleasure as a small way to remember the much greater sacrifice of Jesus. Sometimes Christians observe Lent by taking on particular spiritual practice, for example committing to a more focused time of prayer. Christians may decide to focus on service to the poor, or hungry, or lonely during Lent. Churches often have extra midweek services during Lent.

There are many ways to observe Lent all with the same goal, to bring us closer to Christ in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection at Easter.

Here are several on line resources for Lent.




If your congregation does not hold a mid week Lenten service, you are welcome to join True North at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 47 Jefferson in Grand Rapids. We will meet for a simple dinner at 6:30 pm, attend worship together at 7 pm, and a 7:30 pm have a short reflection on the Lord’s Prayer for college students.¬† You are welcome to attend all or part of these evenings, as your schedule allows. Come for dinner, come for worship, or come for study.


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