Call+ Response, a response

About 250 people watched the movie Call+Response in Grand Rapids and Allendale. Others of you may have seen the movie elsewhere, or be familiar with a variety of anti trafficking groups. 

The question is, ” Now that you know, what do you do”? 

As you consider your response to Call+Response, you might begin with looking at “33 Ways to Respond” at the Call+Response website 

 Is there something on the list you can do? 

None of us alone can do all the things on that list. None of us alone can stop slavery. But each of us can do something. People of faith are called by God to various actions in the world. Guided by God we can make a difference. 

  Some of us are called to work professionally against slavery. More of us are not. But that doesn’t mean we are not called to respond in some way. How do we know what we are called to do? How do we keep from becoming overwhelmed by the tragedies in the world? 

 Now that you know, what do you do?  

Some of us may feel called to greater involvement. Some of us might not be sure how we should respond. There is no cookie cutter answer, no step wise formula to follow. 

The practice of discernment  can help. Discernment is about discovering a way forward, about seeking God’s will for you in a particular situation. Over the next several days and weeks, True North Campus Ministry will offer resources and opportunities to explore the process of discernment – both on line and in person.  Check back here, or sign up for the RSS feed or join our Facebook  page for more information and updates.  

If you would like to make a comment, ask a question, or simply talk, please contact me, via comments here, by e mail,, by phone, 616-821-0351 or on Facebook 



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