Life as Vocation

Often when people think about “vocation” they think about church related work. Here at True North, we think more broadly about what vocation involves. Vocation has to do with how we integrate our faith, what we believe, with the totality of our life.

Here are a few quotes from Douglas J. Schuurman’s book, Vocation: Discerning our Callings in Life, to ponder on the subject of life as vocation.

“Vocation infuses mundane secular life with religious meaning, but secularism and capitalism strip mundane secular life of its religous meaning.”  (xii)

“…many Christians in America,… find it difficult and strange to interpret their social, economic, poitical, and cultural life as responses to God’s callings.” (xii)

God calls people, “into their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and civic and political communities to serve God and neighbor. This task is neglected or endangered in many American churches by a resurgent church-centeredness that ascribes religous meaning exclusively or primarily to church-related roles and activities. ” (xii-xiii)

What do you think?


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