Grand Rapids Community College 2017-2018

  Here is a summary of what happened this past academic year at GRCC. Grand Rapids Community College is a commuter campus of a little over 13,000 students. Twenty six percent of the students are full time (the highest percentage since 2010), and 74 % are part time. The average age of a GRCC studentContinue reading “Grand Rapids Community College 2017-2018”


Life at Community College

Wondering what sort of activities happen at a community college? Here is GRCC’s “Stall Street Journal” listing some (not all) of the events at CC. True North Campus Ministry works collaboratively at GRCC with other campus ministries under the umbrella of “GRCC Christian Fellowship”. Follow this link to see what we are up to!  Continue reading “Life at Community College”

Science vs Christianity?

Join us beginning February 1 for what promises to be an interesting discussion on science and Christianity. We will be using materials from Test of Faith and the Faraday Institute to explore the relationships between science and Christianity. Our starting premise is that Christianity is true and that modern science accurately describes and explains theContinue reading “Science vs Christianity?”