Fall 2016 GVSU and everything else

True North’s presence at GVSU is much more “behind the scenes” and collaborative. I am in regular attendance at Campus Ministry@ GVSU’s weekly student gathering, The Garden on Monday nights. This is a student and ministry intern led meal and conversation time.

I also regularly attend the Interfaith Advisers Luncheon meetings at GVSU where I have the opportunity to meet and get to know other ministry professionals and GVSU administrators.

I have had the opportunity to be a regular presence with the Wesley Fellowship trustees as both they and True North have similar work and challenges as progressive, denominationally affiliated campus ministries.

Off campus, I regularly attend Presbytery of Lake Michigan meetings and I regularly teach adult education classes at Grand Rapids Presbyterian Churches (and occasionally I preach).

Outside of west Michigan, I have been a member of the coordinating committee of the National Campus Ministry Association and attended our annual meeting in Boston this past summer. The NCMA has given me the opportunity to attend high quality continuing educational events and also the opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues from around the country. This year I began a three year term as membership secretary.

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